9 Habits To Build A Strong, Lean And Healthy Body

Habits are the cornerstone of building a fit, strong, and healthy body.

Not just physically but mentally, emotionally, and spiritually too.

As the saying goes, you are what you repeatedly do. So if you want to build and most importantly KEEP a healthy, strong body, it makes sense to build habits into your life that make it so.

You will find it much easier to stick to a routine if you make it habit-based rather than relying on “motivation”.

Habits enable me to look like this year round without too much effort

Motivation is fleeting. It comes and goes. If you only ever work on your body when you’re motivated, you will make very little progress. You need habits that help you stay the course.

With that in mind, here are 9 habits I recommend you build and develop if you want a strong, lean, and healthy body.

The 9 Lean Habits

1. Sleeping

7-8 hours a night. I put this first because it’s the most important. If sleep is compromised, everything else in health goes to shit.

Sacrificing your sleep is an agreement that your health is worth the cost of your struggle. You might think that’s a worthy trade, but no struggle in the short term is worth the cost of your life in the long term.

A lack of sleep impairs fat burning, increases appetite, drops testosterone, reduces insulin sensitivity, and all around is BAD FOR YOU.

(If you want tips and ideas aren’t getting better sleep, click here.)

2. Sunlight

Your body’s hormonal cycle is regulated by your exposure to light. Natural light. What does this have to do with being lean? Everything. Did you know that your carbohydrate digestion is regulated by sunlight? Your testosterone? Your wakefulness?
The best habit you can have, go outside in the morning. Be in the morning light. In the evening, be outside for 10 minutes, be in the evening light.

Not going outside and never being in natural light disrupts your entire hormonal cascade. Spend more time outside. Trust me on this.

3. Whole Food Diet

Whole foods are more nutritious and have a far higher thermogenic value than processed foods. It’s really really difficult to get fat eating steak and broccoli, chicken and rice, raspberries and oatmeal, so on and so forth.

Try it and see. Eat nothing but whole food, you have to chew every day for a week, see how much you can really overeat.

This may sound simplistic, but every long term “lean” person I know has this in common. They ALL eat a diet of REAL food. It works if you do it, and it makes dieting a hell of a lot easier.

Eat real food.

4. Strength Train

Having more muscle means you age better. Muscle is the holy grail of health. I’ve said this over and over and over again. If you want to live a long time, be lean, be hot, have better sex, better health, better everything, you need more muscle mass.

You don’t need a gym for this. Both of my programs will help you build muscle and lose fat.

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5. Emotional Self-Control

Lean people don’t eat food to manage their emotions. They don’t say “fuck it” when they’re out and binge just because they’re not at home to prepare their meals.

They don’t say fuck it for 6 months and get fat because they just couldn’t be bothered.
I will readily indulge at times, but I’ll do so ONE time, at ONE meal. Not for an entire day, then weekend, then feel guilty come Monday.

If you regulate your moods by your foods, you are at the mercy of your emotions. You MUST learn to control them.

Develop healthy habits when you’re feeling emotional.

Train. Fuck. Read. Write. Mediate. Run. Build.

Do stuff that helps you.

6. Discipline

This is an all-encompassing trait across multiple realms of life. Lean people are consistent/disciplined in their behaviours and don’t allow themselves to be easily interrupted.

You must be true to what you want to achieve. Focus!

7. Long Game Mindset

Being lean requires an eye to the long game. Training every week, healthy eating every day, proper rest every night. These habits all compound over time and create a momentum wave.

An obese short game mindset is to declare yourself a failure after 2 days of bad eating. A long game mindset is knowing that 30 years of positive habits add up and a weekend off isn’t going to make a difference.
Consistency over perfection.

8. Stress Management

When you properly manage your stress, you’re less likely to be eating your feelings. The leanest people I know, bodybuilders, they vigorously guard their life from drama, bullshit, toxic people, and anything else that would interfere with their routines.
This isn’t selfish, its SMART. Reducing your stress to stress that you CHOOSE to have your life does wonders for your mental and physical health, versus dealing with stress that you wish you didn’t have.

You are in control of your decisions and your happiness.

9. Avoidance

Sometimes stress management is simply NOT dealing with certain people and situations. This is exactly what it sounds like. The best way to avoid depleting willpower is to NOT be testing it constantly in the first place.

This might mean avoiding people, situations, events, etc, but it can be entirely worthwhile to do so.

Learning when to say no is important as saying yes. Some things just aren’t worth your emotional, physical, or mental investment.

Learn to say no to protect yourself


Building a strong, lean, and healthy body is a process of developing robust habits. The more you can implement these, the easier you will find building your mind and physique.

Implement these 9 habits and slowly your life will begin to change for the better.