How To Build Strong, Muscular Legs Without A Gym

If you’ve ever wondered how you can effectively train your legs without going to the gym, wonder no more…

In this video you will learn a simple but very effective exercise that will help you build strong, lean and muscular legs using JUST your bodyweight.

This exercise will help build your quadriceps (front of the upper leg) and your glutes (butt).

I’ve included easier and harder variations so that you can start at your level and progress as necessary.

I recommend performing between 2-5 sets per leg and your reps can range from anywhere between 5-20 per leg (depending on your current strength levels)

From there you can make them harder by adding in pauses, holding a weight or wearing a weight vest.

Give it a watch and if you’ve got any questions, drop a comment below and I’ll get back toy you.