How To Get Motivated Even When You Don’t Want To

“Jack, help me get motivated?”

“Jack, how do I get motivated?”

“Jack, I know I need to make a change but I just can’t get motivated. Any suggestions?”

As a fitness coach I get asked variations of these question a lot.

And do you want my honest answer? No. I can’t.

No one can do that shit for you.

However, I can give you some advice. But it’s only worth me giving you if you actually do something with it.

Stop Asking How To Get Motivated

That’s my first piece of advice for you.

You are just procrastinating.

Nobody is motivated all of the time. Nobody.

Do you think I had the energy or motivation to train my when my step-son Leo kept me up all night?

Absolutely not. I was in a constant state of zombie mode tiredness.

Do you think the average athletic man or woman walking around doesn’t have other shit going on in their life that takes away their motivation?

Of course they do.

Motivation is a bullshit thing people say they need to procrastinate about actually doing the the thing they know they need to.

So, stop asking how to get motivated.

Motivation is fleeting and will come and go like the waves.

Start Actually Doing Stuff – Take Action

There’s my second piece of advice.

Start doing stuff.

Stuff that gets you closer to be where you want to be and keep doing it.

Start with 5-10 minutes a day and build.

Maybe that’s going for a walk for 20 minutes a day.

Maybe it’s doing 50 push-ups throughout the day.

Maybe it’s training 3 x per week.

Maybe it’s making a commitment to cook your own meals 3-5 days a week.

Whatever it is you decide to do, action is the only way to generate motivation.

Momentum will happen and your motivation will grow as you start to see the results of your action.

You have to act.

My Job As A Fitness Coach…

It’s not my job to motivate you.

If you come to me for help, then your motivation is already real. Otherwise you wouldn’t have reached out.

If you’re lacking motivation, you have to find that within yourself.

It has to be intrinsic. I can’t provide that for you.

Whether you want to get in better shape, get a new job, improve a relationship or have a better family life – that all has to come from you.

It can’t be anyone else’s responsibility. And it’s only once you accept this responsibility that you can to start make the changes required.

All of this ‘fitspirational’ and motivational quotes on Instagram, it’s only
useful if it actually provides you with a reason to do something.

Seeing some bullshit quote that says “Eat clean. Train mean. Live lean” is only
useful if you get up and then do something because of it…

But let’s be honest, it’s more likely that it will just make you feel worst about
the fact that you aren’t doing anything.

So, the only way to feel motivated and actually start, is to start.

It’s easy for things to spiral out of control when you keep procrastinating.

Momentum works both ways.

So don’t continue digging yourself a hole.

Start falling forward.

It’s the only way to grow.

You just have to do something.

If you need any help, I’ll be there.

But you have to motivate yourself first.

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