The Right Mindset for Working Out

workout mindset

Your fitness routine doesn’t start at the gym. Instead, it starts every day when you wake up. Your fitness routine is the habits of mind you’ve established when thinking about working out, it’s your way of approaching your diet, and it’s your reason for wanting to work out in the first place.

It can be tempting to compartmentalize work outs and forget about them for the rest of your day, but the truth is that all goals require commitment. Below, we’ll tell you some of the habits of mind you should put into practice to ensure you’re staying fit.

Establish The Habit

The most important thing to do when trying to accomplish a goal is setting the right habits. If something requires regular work, you can’t procrastinate. Instead, you have to take it step by step, making sure that the activities you’re regularly doing help you towards the pursuit of this goal.

On average, it takes someone roughly 66 days to form a habit. While the exact number will vary from one person to the next, you’ll note that this is much longer than common wisdom would have us believe.

You need to make sure you’re establishing a schedule and sticking to it. It makes sense that every time you work out, you’re setting a habit. At the same time, every time you skip out on exercise, you’re setting a habit to not work out.

Don’t Do The Same Exercise Every Day

While daily habits can help you get in the mindset of regularly working out, you want to make sure you’re not overtaxing your muscles. After all, muscle mass is built during your recovery.

If you’re choosing to work out every day, make sure you’re varying your workouts and the muscles that they’re targeting. This will help you gain muscle, which in turn will help you stay committed by allowing you to see positive results.

Find Your Motivation

You want to make sure you understand why you’re doing this, which means following a plan and taking the steps necessary to see results.

Finding a mentor or role model is one of the best ways to do this. Along with showing you what you’re working towards, they can also steer you away from some of the common mistakes that beginners make. 

Effective Workout Routines – Jack D Coulson

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